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Monthly fees (Modality "without food ")

Room Rate
Shared(p/p)  $130.000
Individual A $200.000
Individual B $185.000
Individual C $170.000

Daily rates (Modality "without food ")

Room Rate
Shared(p/p) $15.000
Individual A $25.000
Individual B $20.000
Individual C $18.000

*La difference between single rooms type A, B and C it is related to its size. (Implementation is equal for all).

Residencia Universitaria Lares GALERÍA

We have thought of a place for you, where you reside during your studies. With us, you will find everything you need to live comfortably and your way: 
Rooms/study furnished and with heating, individual and shared, cable tv, free internet connection, meeting rooms , laundry, complimentary bicycles, and many more services... In addition, we will keep you informed of the cultural and recreational panoramas of the area. 

A natural environment at few steps from universities, supermarkets, Bus Terminal, pharmacies and hospitals

Calle Josefina Gavilán #433
Sector Los Lirios, Collao, Concepción
Fono | Fax: (56) (41) 323 99 08
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